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After a successful premiere and two sold-out screening nights, the buzz around Black Speaks Back's latest short film, ZWARTE IBIS, continues to reverberate through Amsterdam. The premiere at Melkweg was a triumph, leaving audiences eager for more insights into the collective's creative process.

We invite you to join us for an intimate artist talk at CBK Zuidoost on Saturday, February 3rd at 16:30h. Our collective's members Emma-Lee Amponsah, Alexine Gabriela, and Chris “Ci” Rickets will delve into the research and production processes that brought ZWARTE IBIS to life.

Full program overview below!

The journey begins at 16:30hr when CBK Zuidoost opens its doors for an artist talk with Alexine Gabriela who will unravel the sensory research installation from the "AIR in Zuidoost #2023" exhibition. You get to delve into our intimate interview questions about growing up while being racialized as Black and the lessons passed through generations. We then traverse the Amsterdamse Poort together, reflecting on the Bijlmer neighborhood's significance in the ZWARTE IBIS project.

At 18:30hr, we kick off a month-long series of ZWARTE IBIS Saturday screenings at Bijlmerbios Film(t)huis. We will conclude with a post-screening discussion with collective members Emma-Lee Amponsah (director) and Chris “Ci” Rickets (music composer), providing deeper insights into the film's vision, with a special focus on the role of music and sound in creating the poetic reverie of ZWARTE IBIS.

Mark your calendar for this immersive exploration, merging art and dialogue to enrich the ongoing conversation on Black Intimacy sparked by ZWARTE IBIS.


  • 16:30hr: Doors open at CBK Zuidoost

  • 17:00hr: Artist talk with BSB member Alexine Gabriela

  • 18:00hr: BSB team and audience moving from CBK to Bijlmerbios

  • 18:30hr: ZWARTE IBIS film screening at Bijlmerbios Film(t)huis

  • 19:00hr: Post-screening discussion with BSB members Emma-Lee Amponsah and Chris “Ci” Rickets

  • 19:30hr: Q&A with the audience

  • 20:00hr: End event

TICKETS and info

CBK address:

Anton de Komplein 120, 1102 DR Amsterdam

Bijlmerbios address:

Bijlmerplein 888, 1102 MG Amsterdam


But do book your seat at Bijlmerbios here!

Photos by Les Adu


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