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EUphoria (2018)

Directed by Robert-Jonathan Koeyers

Written by Nohely Koeyers and Robert-Jonathan Koeyers, based on the collective exploration and input of all participants

Musical Directing by Wanlov the Kubolor

Cinematography by Bouba Dola

Production by Emma-Lee Amponsah and Christopher Daley

Film poster and illustration by ANSO

With the support of: BOZAR, Growfunding, Zinnema, Pianofabriek & Destelheide. 

In 2016/2017 Black Speaks Back brought together a group of fifteen young Afro-European artists to imagine a future of Europe, together with Ghanian-Romanian artist Wanlov the Kubolor. Participants shared their experiences and their work, learned about Afrofuturism and started sketching the futures they imagined. Each artist contributed something of their own: a storyline, dance, song, rap, a scene, costumes, images, puppets and so on. 

The power of this collective creation of fifteen artists was tremendous and resulted in a bold and absolutely unique Afrofuturistic opera. The film had its international premiere at the legendary Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles. It has already been the genesis of multiple new creations and surely will inspire many more.

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