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We're Online + New Season!

It took a while, but after 3+ years we finally launched our website! From now on, this is where you'll find all you need to know about our team, our mission, as well as our past and future projects. Speaking of which... Black Speaks Back is back with a brand new season of panel discussions! During this season we'll be addressing a variety of topics, such as Black Love, activism, parenthood and mixed identities.

This season will be exclusively available on our YouTube Channel, with a new episode premiering every other Thursday night at 8 pm (CET), allowing you to engage in conversation with other viewers while watching live! So if you haven't yet: make sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification button so you won't miss any of it!

You can now re-watch our first and second panel on Black Love, which were released earlier this month and caused the necessary turmoil and discussion about gendered experiences in and of love, heteronormativity, issues surrounding socioeconomics, and... hoteps.

So, go check it out now, don't forget to give our videos a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and leave us a sweet comment!

Love, Black Speaks Back


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