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Say Their Names. And Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. #BLM

Say Their Names.

(photo credits: Touria Aziz & Black Speaks Back)

Soulaïmane (2015), Mitch (2015), Mawda (2018), Mehdi (2019), Awale (2007), Moïse Lamine (2018), Semira (1998), Ouassim (2017), Sabrina (2017), Adil (2020), Mitchell (2016), Wensley (2015), those who remain unnamed and the thousands of people

dying at our borders.....


May justice be served as our governments, journalists and philosophers wake up from the illusion that racism and police brutality are American issues. Race and (institutional) racism has been Europe's main export product since the 17th century.

Here is a list of prominent anti-racist associations and collectives in Belgium. They all fight against systemic racism in one way or another. Most are grassroots and have been doing important work for years, often underground, to make Belgian society more viable for everyone. A gift however does not buy absolution, you cannot buy the label of being anti-racist. Anti-racism is daily labour, that you do again and again and again and again.

Educate yourself and listen to the many voices of Black people and people of colour.

This list is an initiative by Stephanie Collingwoode Williams and Sofie Veramme. All the collectives and associations included were recommended by Black people and people of colour, and consented to have their details shared.


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