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Who We Work(ed) With

Find a list of partner organizations, institutions, individuals and collectives below.

Interested in collaborating with Black Speaks Back? Please visit the Contact page for more information

cafe congo.jpg

Café Congo

Brussels, Belgium

Bar, community center and supplier of the best bissap-ginger cocktails, Café Congo has been a partner in the organization of live events.


Wanlov the Kubolor

Accra, Ghana

Wanlov has been a partner since Black Speak Back's birth. His music can be heard throughout our video's, and he was involved as a music producer, co-writer and musical director for our film EUphoria.

critical narratives.png

Critical Narratives

Brussels, Belgium

A creative agency that combines academic expertise and award-winning filmmaking & design to translate complex research into compelling media content. Co-founded by BSB-member Christopher Daley and involved in the production of our short Kreyolization


Mathieu Charles

Ghent, Belgium

Performance Artist and Afrofuturism prodigy Mathieu Charles has been involved in BSB projects as a guest speaks on panels, as well as an expert behind the scenes of EUphoria. Most recently he collaborated with us in the production of Kreyolization.


ANSO Illustrations

Leuven, Belgium

ANSO has been involved in Black Speaks Back ever since her participation in the production of EUphoria as a illustrator, campaign leader and set designer.


Robert-Jonathan Koeyers

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Black Speaks Back has collaborated with artist and (visual) storyteller Robert-Jonathan Koeyers on several productions throughout the years. The biggest collaboration was with the Afro-futuristic musical EUphoria, for which Jonathan took on the role of director.


Kunstencentrum Vooruit

Ghent, Belgium

Black Speaks Back has been an organization in residency at Vooruit.

olave talks.png

Olave Talks

Brussels, Belgium

A Youtube platform founded by Olave Nduwanje.


Taz Eyeternal

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Taz is the founder of the versatile platform Eyeternal Lifestyle, and partnered up with Black Speaks Back for the first time in 2019 for the production of KREYOLIZATION for which he produced music. In 2020 he supplies beats for the entire season.


Bamko Cran

Brussels, Belgium

Fracophone, decolonial sister organization.

blue sugar.jpg

Blue Sugar Audio / Nina Giampaolo

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Nina Giampaolo is a songwriting and sound design graduate. She has been involved with the production of EUphoria as an all round assistant and vocal coach, and as a sound mixer in the production of Kreyolization.

waka waka.png

Waka Waka Generaton

Mechelen, Belgium

A partner in live events, among which Motherland Stories.


Black History Month Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium

Organizer of the annual celebration (during the month of March) of the resilience of the Belgian Black community in the present and the past.

For All Queens!.png

For All Queens!

Antwerp, Belgium

FAQ! raises the flag of the often imitated never duplicated non-sider.



Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A platform for storytellers of African and Afro-Caribbean descent in the Netherlands and abroad.



Brussels, Belgium

Zinnema is an Open Talents House, a professional home for projects and a platform for support and collaboration. It opened its doors for us to host EUphoria's avant-première.

Africalia logo.jpg


Brussels, Belgium

As a cultural and development organization, and partner in our upcoming series Palimpsest (2021).



Brussels, Belgium

Recognition is a program that aims to increase the visibility of African and African diaspora art, literature and culture via community film screenings

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