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BOZAR Premiere 2018 c Nohely Koeyers edi


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Keep up-to-date on all news related to Black Speaks Back. About the organisation, but also what's on the mind of the organisation. From information on new and upcoming projects, events and more.

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Say Their Names. And Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. #BLM

Say Their Names. (photo credits: Touria Aziz & Black Speaks Back) Soulaïmane (2015), Mitch (2015), Mawda (2018), Mehdi (2019), Awale (2007), Moïse Lamine (2018), Semira (1998), Ouassim (2017), Sabrina (2017), Adil (2020), Mitchell (2016), Wensley (2015), those who remain unnamed and the thousands of people dying at our borders..... ~ May justice be served as our governments, journalists and philosophers wake up from the illusion that racism and police brutality are American

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