Code of Conduct

Interested in collaborating with Black Speaks Back? Looking to spread the word about your project on the platform? Please read our Code of Conduct below. 


  • We are a media platform for and by the Afro-diaspora. We only work with others on individual or collective projects from or in regards to the Afro-diaspora

  • Include a clear project description, with a planning and a budget description

  • We seek partnership as an equal collaboration with start-to-finish involvement from all parties. We do not accept mid-project or last-minute partnership requests​


  • Interviews can be arranged with select members of the organisation

  • All press releases and/or press images for Black Speaks Back’s projects can be found on the Project page. Conditions for publication and copyright statements can be found in those documents


  • A small fee could be applied for using the platform of Black Speaks Back for the promotion of your project/event/etc.


  • We provide an in-depth workshop for cultural and social institutions titled Media, Discourse and Decolonization. More information can be found here.

  • Other requests for training, lectures and/or un(der)paid advice will be declined.


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